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The Jewellery Trends on the Spring Runways 2018
You will be seeing a lot more chunky jewellery and asymetrical earrings. Layers of thin
necklaces are popular along with vintage cameo rings, pinky rings. Ankle chains are
back. Not sure how long they will last. Maybe they will flicker in and out again. At
Lorne Park Jewellers, you can view classic styles and great new trendy looks. Bold
earrings from the dark Congo will be showcased this spring.2018 jewellery trends
Jewellery Trends 2015 (Dec /Jan)
yellow damond
The Bold and the Beautiful!
Jewellery trends for 2015 are larger bobbles and bangles. One earring is a fun idea pulled off by some movie stars. You may think "Did she lose her other earring?" The more significant TREND for 2015 is the "fancy" coloured diamonds that are now Front Row Centre. Pictured here is the largest Yellow Diamond in the world. Guess how much it's worth today? The 100.09 carat Graff Vivid Yellow, the largest yellow cut precious stone in the world, fetched a record $16.3 million at a Sotheby's auction in Geneva. April 2014
Pink Diamond
Pink diamond
A jewel not to be missed.
SOLD: Pink Diamond Auction at Sotheby's went for $17.77 million!
An 8.41 carat pink diamond, subtly tinted with a touch of violet,
was auctioned October 7 in Hong Kong.

Diamonds are always in fashion. They never loser their popularity and their sparkle!
This "Fancy" Pink Diamond sold for $83 Million needs a huge amount of skill. 59 carats

oscra trends
March 2014 TRENDS -Colour
Victorian Punk and New Wave Jewellery? A cool bracelet or necklace is sure to turn heads. Embrace the new look for March 2014. Now is a great of time as ever to rock your world. If you recall, we talked about coloured diamonds. Colour will bloom with us this spring. Cate Blanchett is wearing iridescent opal earrings at the Oscars 2014. The opal is a 'moon glow'; the only element found on earth and on the moon.
opal earrrings
trendy earrings
February 2014 Trends
--Edgy and Elegant!
Brooches are so in trend! Those with diamonds and touches of gold are the most searched. Get a clasp on your pendant and mix it up...no part of the body is off-limits for dressing up and accessorizing. In the past few seasons that’s meant new life for earrings – reinvented as the now ubiquitous ear cuff – If you like this-we will design your very own unique ear cuff!
Trends January 2014
All trend start form the guru of trends; Paola De Luca and her team. They scour the ends of the earth unveiling what people are looking to buy in jewellery and fashion. Some inspiration even comes from believe it or not Facebook. A mix of flowers and 1940's theme influenced Prada this year. See the floral handbags and chunky bangles to match for this quarter 2014 - the bold new look.

Classy and casual, joining together adult femininity and youthfulness. Bright colours of emerald green, turquoise and orange are breaking out this year for 2014.
Pearl winners
And the WINNER IS.....
Out of 14 countries that participated in the Best pearl design a Canadian from Montreal took the first prize honours this year(2013). you could call this necklace the PERFECT Wave. Brilliance Award-“Big Wave” by Philip Bouasse of Montreal Canada,  given to the entry that best illustrates the spectrum of pearl colors in the most beautiful way. It is simple called the big wave. International Pearl Design Contest 2013-2014.
Resurgence of the Pearl - newest Trend for Fall in 2013
pearls at Lorne Park jewellers
Pearls are getting a resurgence in popularity. So much so that the London museum is showcasing these beautiful, brilliant pearls. Everything you wanted to know about pearls are exhibited at the museum. The history of the pearl from the Roman days to today's hottest trends are being shown in London's museum. The pearl exhibition is held at the Victoria and Albert Museum Authority exhibition 21 September 2013 – 19 January 2014.
Put on your Pearls girls!
Vincent VanGough Art
Detroit Institute of Art (August, 2013)
Christie's is in Detroit this month to appraise some very rare and famous art. The appraisal will reveal value of Detroit Institute of Arts' collection. Christie's will sell their art to help Detroit pay its bills in municipal bankruptcy.

The trend we see is the shift in the auto industry for electric cars from Japan and plastic cars from Korea. Like Pittsburgh, the once biggest steel manufacturer in the States, Detroit will have to re-invent itself too.

Van Gogh, "Self-Portrait" (winter 1887/88), is one of several paintings at risk if the Detroit Institute of Arts is forced to sell its art to pay the City of Detroit's debts.
P.S. I will let you know what happens..Come back soon!
diamond robbery antwerp.belguim
NEWS Flash - May 2013
After two months of investigation  31 suspects have been detained in what is knows as the largest diamond heist in recent history. One suspect detained in France is said to be one of the robbers. 51 million dollars was the estimated value of the robbery on a cold winter morning; Feb.19, 2013 at Antwerp airport. Some of the diamonds showed up in Switzerland. A fresh lead. Authorities were alerted when suddenly a member of a major criminal organization appeared in their city.
Was it mistaken identity?
It was thought that the robbers got wind of a large shipment of cash. "A week before the robbery, a large consignment of cash was flown out of Brussels airport on the same Helvetica Airways LX789 flight to Zurich that was targeted by the international armed gang." www.thetelegraph.co.uk. If the perpetrators had stolen the money, then chances are that we would still be looking for them today.
The Helvetic Airways aircraft from which millions of dollars worth of diamonds were stolen on the tarmac of Brussels international airport
emerald lorne park jewellers mississauga
The most expensive emerald in the world
This 206 carat Emerald is called "the Imperial Emerald" carved from more than 800 carats stone. Emeralds have always been trendy. They never go out of style. The two largest and highest quality emeralds come from Columbia. The owner of these two rare stones did not want to part with them. He had a helicopter fly over his mine and drop them 1,000 feet into the depths of the earth.  
emeralds in columbia
The Emerald Tzar of Columbia
The recent death of Victor Carranza has authorities speculating about a local war for control of his mines. "Fura and Tena, Carranza's best stones were spirited away by helicopter and, for a photo shoot, carried them back down the Muzo mine 1,000 metres deep. Grinning with joy, holding them tight in his calloused hands, he explained that they would never be fragmented, never cut and never sold." from ecomonist.com
Fura, the world’s largest emerald
For the first time after finding the emerald 12 years ago, the FURA EMERALD was exhibited at the Minergemas fair in Bogotá in June 2011.
This rough emerald of 15,000 carats (2.270 kg) from the Muzo mine [in the video] is the biggest one in the world. That is "was" the biggest emerald in the world. Actually, it still is. Non one can find it -at the moment. You do not have to know Spanish to appreciate the beauty of this emerald.  
jewellery trends
Jewellery Trends for 2014
If you were to say the words “jewellery trends forecasting”, you are most likely to hear Paola De Luca's name first.

Paola De Luca is a trend setter, designer and consultant who has inspired designers, brands and entrepreneurs all over the world. Paola lives and breathes jewellery and design trends. She has a deep knowledge of the latest trends. Designs that would appeal to people is foremost.

Trends in 2013: Historical and Nastalgia pieces are still popular. Designs based on the first half of the 20th century; especially 1920s and 1940's. These trends will traverse from 2013 to 2014. The young will look for coloured and oxidized metals. Long chains are back with accents of diamonds and semi-precious gemstones.  Colour is key for this group.
Interview with Paola De Luca
What impresses you most?
True talent, skills, and hard work. Rare to find! interview of Paola De Luca
rough diamonds
BREAKING NEWS -Diamond Heist
Tuesday 19 February 2013
Did you hear about the great Diamond Heist at the Antwerp airport? It was $50 million of rough diamonds stolen from an airplane in Antwerp by eight masked men that took all of 5 minutes. The risks are high and so is the booty. Society tends to glamorize diamond heists with movies such as the famous Pink Panther.  These 3 million year old precious and rare stones called diamonds are romantic and elusive and cherished with big dollar signs.
diamond engagement rings
Trust in Diamonds and Gold -Jan, 2013
Nearly four months after dismissing rumours of a buyout, Harry Winston Diamond Corp. has agreed to a $1-billion deal to sell its jewellery and watch divisions to the Swatch Group.

“Harry Winston does brilliantly complement the prestige segment of the group,” said Nayla Hayek, chair of the Swatch Group Ltd. “We are proud and happy to welcome Harry Winston to the Swatch Group family—diamonds are still a girl’s best friend.” from www.jewellerybusiness.com
Yellow Diamond Ring  -Dec.2012
This Yellow Dragon is a whopping 110-carat natural yellow diamond. It's estimated worth of $11- $15 million is a remarkable sight.

The yellow diamond are in the same price range as white diamonds. Other coloured diamonds are more expensive. Some colours of diamonds your will find are pink,reddish,black and blue. The Golden Dragon made its début in Singapore.
November 2012
Wonder no more because between New Zealand shoe designer Kathryn Wilson and Sarah Hutchings of Orsini Fine Jewelry. the look is complete with a pair of dazzling diamond high heels, featuring over a half million in diamonds these shoes ring in at $500,000.
diamond shoes
Canadian  Diamonds NEWS /Oct.2012
lorne park jewellers engagement rings
According to an updated life-of-mine plan for the Diavik diamond mine, released by the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, mining and processing will take place until 2023.

The mine has been in production since 2003. Up to December 31, 2011, the mine had produced approximately 69 million carats of diamonds from the processing of approximately 18 million tons of kimberlite.

The Diavik diamond mine is a joint venture between Rio Tinto Diamonds (60 percent) and the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation (40 percent).
Diavik diamond mine
9 Carat Kashmir Sapphire Sells for $527,500
Sapphire Lorne Park Jewellers

It's real, it's spectacular and it garnered more than half a million dollars at Heritage Auctions' April 30 jewelry sale in New York.

According to results released by the auction house, an 8.99-carat Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring brought $527,500 at the record-setting April 30, 2012 sale, topping its highest pre-sale estimate of $350,000.

The spirited bidding on the large Kashmir sapphire was closely matched by the impressive contest for a dramatic Colombian Emerald, Diamond, Platinum Ring, which tripled its pre-auction estimate of $100,000+ to finish the day at $302,500, while bidders also showed substantial interest in a 4.26 carat Diamond, Platinum ring, which realized $104,500 and in a 9.81 carat Ruby, Diamond, Platinum ring, which flirted with a six-figure final price realized to finish the day at $98,500. article by artdaily.org

Pearl Talk  -August, 2012
pearls lorne park jewllers
The young and the hip look to a jewellery classic.
Portrayed as classy, confident, elegant yet fashionable, Jackie Onassis, Coco Chanel, and the Queen usually spring to mind when it comes to pearls. In the movie the Iron Lady, Meryl Streep portrays the powerful Margaret Thatcher, who is rarely seen in the film without her beloved doubles strand of pearls. Each of these women was known to strut with the refinement and grandeur that led to their legacy and their pearls always played a starring role.

Today, the pearl is no longer limited to your grandmother's jewellery box. Younger women want in on the action and now have the options to make the underwater gem a regular featured player in their daily fashion routines.
These days, pearls are being combined with different gemstones, silver and gold stacked on top of each other for a layered look. Their price compared to other materials also adds to the appeal.
Canadian firm to manufacture Forevermark in Canada
De Beers' Forevermark brand in Canada will be produced in partnership by Crossworks Manufacturing, the Martin Ross Group, and M.K. Diamonds & Jewelry. Forevermark ring by Libman & Co. (a division of Martin Ross) with .50-carat centre and .545 ctw on halo and top shank.
diamond mississauga ontario canada
Photo courtesy Crossworks Manufacturing
"All styles and designs are created and manufactured in Canada and use Canadian gold from the Royal Canadian Mint, making it truly Canadian and one-of-a-kind."

The Forevermark brand will be available in Canada to be carried by 23 jewellers starting in September 2012.
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