December Birthstone-Blue Topez
topez  birthstone
Everyone loves the month of December!
December is the month of marry-making, holidays, gifts and snow. For those people born on the month of December, it is always a double celebration for them. There are actually three different stones associated with being the birthstone of December: the blue topaz, turquoise, and tanzanite. All three of these very different have one thing in common: a unique blue color.
BLUE TOPEZ: The cool blue shade of the blue topaz, reminiscent of a clear mountain lake or a crisp, cold December sky, has made it a favorite for all kinds of jewelry for thousands of years. Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas” which means “heat” or “fire”, and also from an Arabic word which means “the subject of the search”. The more intense and deep the color is, the more valuable the blue topaz is, although the most deep shade, London Blue, never occurs in nature and is only produced by gemological produces. Slight changes in the mineral composition, however, can create topaz with hues of green, yellow or pink.
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