Lorne Park Jewellers and Caprice®  Diamonds
When you are looking for that old charm of European service and workmanship you have come to the right place. Our diamonds have the Caprice® symbol of quality. "Mined in Canada". Fine diamonds with precision cut facets are found right here in Mississauga. Come in and see the breathtaking collection of fine gems, pearls and diamonds.· Custom made orders.
Caprice® Diamonds
Caprice® diamonds are mined in Canada. Canadian diamonds are pure, ethical and socially conscious diamonds. All the Canadian diamonds that Caprice® carries are mined in strict accordance to the social, environmental and labour practices of Canada, strictly regulated by the Government of Canada
Quality made in Canada
There was a time when the thought of finding diamonds in Canada was little more than a prospector's dream. Only since the late 1990's has Canada seen the dawning of world-class diamonds in the north. Caprice® diamonds are born of these new found treasure troves nestled in the heart of Canada's pristine and remote Arctic tundra.
The Diamond Quality Certificate is a guarantee of authenticity and quality, certifying the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the diamond at Lorne Park Jewellers. Our Diamonds are Caprice® diamonds.

Every Caprice® diamond comes with an elegant Caprice Certificate of authenticity. Diamonds over 0.5ct to 2.00cts also come with certificates from either the American Gem Society (AGS), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the HRD Antwerp World Diamond Centre or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).
Lorne Park Jewellers,  Mississauga
Caprice® Diamonds originating in Canada are prized worldwide for their beauty and their brilliance. Every Caprice diamond is accompanied by a CANADAMARKTM card and is laser engraved with its own unique serial number along with the CANADAMARKTM symbol. Only the finest rough crystals are selected by hand for CANADAMARKTM diamonds. Their beauty is never artificially treated or enhanced. Lorne Park Jewellers is the only jewellery store in Mississauga that carries Caprice® diamonds.

When how your diamond is mined is as important as its beauty. The only choice is a Canadian Diamond.
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