August Birthstone --Peridot
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Peridot is named after the French word peritot, Arabic word "faridat" which means gem. The peridot is the National gem of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians called it “the gem of the sun”  because it stayed bright in the evening lamplight and looked more like a bright emerald.
If you are looking for an anniversary gift, the 16th wedding anniversary is represented by the peridot.
peridot-Lorne Park jewellers August birthstone
Peridots are found in volcanic rock. The Hawaiians believe that peridots are tears from the Hawaiian goddess Pele. In Hawaii, some of the beaches are packed with tiny grains of peridot. Peridots were even found inside meteorites. The meteorite peridot is a darker green in colour. Only the peridot and diamond are found deep in the earth's mantle where there is lots of pressure. Other gems are found higher up in the earth's crust.  
Typically, the Peridot is not enhanced or treated. It does not fall among the expensive gems. The good news is that synthetic paridots do not exist. I now have a new understanding about the peridot since it is equal to the diamond in its formation.
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