April Birthstone -Diamond
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Diamond colours
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The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamastos,” which means “invincible.” And in terms of durability, the diamond is indeed so. Being the hardest substance known to man, it holds a supreme place among gems. These "fancy" diamonds you are looking at are your red, blues greens pink and yellow diamond. Variations or intensity  of these colours are also available. For example, the Hope diamond in the Smithsonian Institute has a distinct blue hue. Yellow diamonds are close in price to white diamonds. The ever popular white diamond show multi colours as the light radiates from this firey gem.
Diamond  Everlasting Beauty
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When buying a diamond ring for your sweetheart and loved ones remember that diamonds are timeless. When other stones chip and break, a diamond will never chip or break or fade or tarnish. It is the oldest gem known to mankind. The strongest and the brightest!
We are fortunate to profess our love with an equally strong representation in a diamond.
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