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1) Graduate Gemologist
2) Member of HRD
3) A senior member of CJA
Canadian Jewellery Association
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Appraisal Testimonial
Thank you for your appraisal. I checked you out the internet and read the reviews. Very good reviews. I read the reviews. That's why I came here.
Insurance Replacement
The new insurance requirements demand appraisals every 3 yrs. or 5 yrs. (depends on your insurance company). as the price of gold, diamonds and the currency rate changes.
We will provide guidance and direction to our clients during the claims process and advocate for them, the moment the need arises.  

Our Insurance Replacement division works with local and national insurance companies including Pilot Insurance, Personal Insurance, and others on jewellery claims. We work with the insurance companies and the policy holder to provide fair and accurate replacement quotes. We are dedicated to working with all parties to make these unfortunate situations easier.
An appraisal is only as good as the appraiser. At Lorne Park Jewellers, our appraisers have the credentials and experience to provide accurate documentation of your jewellery.
We work closely with insurance companies for a professional, qualified appraisal of your valuable jewellery.
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