June Birthstone -Pearls
parls Birthstone June 2013

Pearls are unique. They are the only gems from living sea creatures and require no faceting or polishing to reveal their natural beauty.

As in other months two or more gemstones may be assigned to the monthly birthstone. June is no exception. June counts three gems as birthstones, pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone.
Pearls of the Sea
Natural pearls are formed by chance. Most shelled mollusks can produce some kind of pearl when an irritating object becomes trapped within its mantle folds.
As myth has it,pearls were dewdrops falling from the heavens.
pearl necklaces
The legendary Peregrina pearl is called the most beautiful pearl in the world. It is not round. But a natural teardrop. It is both natural and enormous. Did I mention famous too? This 16th century pearls is weighs in at 203 grains. The first known owner of this prized pearl was Spain's King Philip II. In 1969. Richard Burton bought it from Sotheby’s for Elizabeth Taylor.
Tahetian Pearls
Pearls have a delicate translucence and luster that is unique among the gemstones. The color of the pearl depends on the species of mollusk and its environment.
Watch this video and see how pearls are harvested.

A lot of Black pearls are found in the gulf of Mexico, Tahiti and other south sea islands. This mollusk also produces gray, blue and peacock green pearls. Peacock green is actually the overtone of the black pearl.
Cultured Pearls
This would be "man made" pearls as man inserts the irritant in the pearl shell for fresh and salt water pearls. Society places a larger value for natural pearls.  
Cleaning Pearls
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